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"One of the best books I've read. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the characters and how fun it was to read the story. I loved it!"
Max is a newly inducted soldier of the Legion, the military power that holds influence in every corner of Balavan. But he has a secret that even his closest friend, Thom, isnt privy to. He seems like any other soldier, smart and strong, but not all is what it seems on the surface.
Thom is only 18 years old and already he holds thousands of lives in the palm of his hand. Following in the footsteps of his father, the former General of the Legion, Thom has risen to the top of the Legions ranks. Hes childhood friends with Max, and when the young soldier goes missing, Thom launches a single-man search party to find him at all costs, no matter the price.
Trip is the leader of the Desiderios, a rebel group hoping to free Balavan from the clutches of the Legion. The Desiderios know the corrupt nature of the Legion, even if they hide it so well from the citizens. Trip knows to what length the Legion will go to in order to gain power, and along with his second-in-command, Violet, hell do anything it takes to stop them from destroying more lives.
In the world of Balavan, anything goes, and loyalties waver in the line of fire. The Legions forces clash against the guerillas of the Desiderios, and its anyones game.
M.H. Lee is a Junior in high school. She started writing books in Elementary school and has kept her passion for writing books since. This is her first novel written in collaboration with her mother. The idea of The Desiderios started when she was in middle school. It wasnt until several years later that her mom picked up the book and started it up again. The mother-daughter duo is currently working on the next two books in the Balavan series and continues to have ideas for more books to come.

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