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Crystal Partners "Big Ears" Parabolic Microphone Reflector for long array directional noise. These things sell for thousands, however this one is in need of having the boom reconstructed, and I do not have the case for it. See photos for more information, e-mail me if you have any questions.

$350 or best offer.


Big Ears is a trademarked parabolic reflector that enables 'sound event' opportunities that were previously "unprecedented" in terms of clearness and quality.

Big Ears is a parabolic reflector capable of getting sounds from well over 500 feet away. It is built from a customized plastic material made of a Kevlar, Butyrate and Acrylic combination which was specially developed for this purpose after years of testing and research. The result is a product that enables remarkable audio clearness over a large frequency variety, without the weight, which in the past, made reflectors so cumbersome.

The design of the parabola was computed in combination with a major university to guarantee that the shapes would supply the most perfect reflective pattern, leading to a "sweet spot" that can be fine tuned to enhance its use in differing circumstances. The dish is formed to extremely tight tolerances using Laser devices. The outcome not only implies that the stability of the shape is kept, however also the density, which produces sonic consistency as well as visual transparent clarity for the operator.

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